alright, i take it

Alright, no one reads my story recently and I feel so bored. I hope he is on my blog but nah, I can't track any at all. AT ALL !!

Sigh, nevermind. Recently I have been working at my dad's shop. I always there since I'm done with my ass pee am. So, these days pretty tired and busy at there due to the renovation at the shops. I have to keep moving the racks here and there. Damn tired ! I even hurt myself :|

I feel pity to see my mum working at the shop so tomorrow I must be more and more hardworking to help her and my menses stop for the month !! Yahoo!! CNY no menses day ! Yay! If you are a girl you know why I'm so happy. If you are a boy, shut up and back off !

Today, i feel so random. I simply just update some of my regular activities. Just bored. By the way, I'm watching Harry Potter 1-6 and it's pretty awesome ! Hermione is always so cute and turn prettier when she grows up in every new chapter.


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