Diary Day

I saw this pretty good thing to share with my blogger friends. So, you know Valentine is coming soon right ? Here are some notes to share or to acknowledge you peoples !

So in korea country, they are awesome right? pretty and handsome faces~
Every 14th of the month are specify into some thing something day. Like for example , 14 February is Valentine Day and the list goes on. So I would post some of this interesting facts I got from one of facebook friends.

14 January : Diary Day
The day of presenting your lover with a cute diary and a basket full of flowers

14 February : Valentine's Day
The day when girls and women present their boyfriends with chocolates and confess their love

14 March : White Day
The day when boys and men present their girlfriends with chocolates and confess their love

14 April : Black Day
The day when people who have no lovers eat Black Chinese noodles together

14 May : Rose Day
The day when lovers present each other with roses to express their love

14 June : Kiss Day
The day when lovers kiss to confirm their love

14 July : Silver Day
The day when lovers exchange silver rings to make a promise for the future

14 August : Music Day
The day of presenting a CD with love songs

14 September : Photo Day
The day when lovers take pictures to keep their memories of their love

14 October : Wine Day
The day when lovers drink wine and share their love

14 November : Movie Day
The day when lovers watch movie and holding hands

14 December : Money Day/ Hug Day
The day of spending generously for your lover
The day of giving hugs to you loved ones

Well, it's tiring for me to look and write over and over from facebook to blogger. So, you better read my posts and stop commenting bullshit or trying to spam my blog with some kind of unrelated thing.

Alright, done with that. I think la, the best month should be december :D Money day!! Girls know how to spend. Just look and take it to the cashier and the guys do the job. Mwahhahahah!! What are boys for? ATM machine la.. mwahhahahhaha !!

I'm trying to be sarcastic here and don't bullshit me.


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