i have a new habit

Hey, it's night time ! Blogging time :D Today I want to share with you guys about something which is OLAY! I used one it for about three days already. It's a lotion. It's good for those who had pimples and leave the deadly and ugly scars on the face. I have ugly pimples scars and wtf, I hate it. That's why I'm using OLAY.


It's about the size of my palm, and it's very little. Expensive? Erm, it's not. only RM8.90 for that small. I am going to look after my face from now on. I think I ever post something about this but in the end, it lasted for only few days and I have a lot of half used cream at home. Some even expired.

Alright, that's my proper post. and readers, I have something to ask. Can you promote something that is good for face ? I mean other than olay or what. good for what. that kind of thing because I seem to have a lack of knowledge about all these girl's stuff which make me ungirl. =.=


Charlene Foong said…
Hey. I can't help but to comment. But you can try Clinique's Anti Blemish range but it's a bit pricey tho.
Aiko chan said…
yiiting : I used it before but after I use it, my face, a little bit of feeling itchy
Charlene: Thanks for the info, I will search on the product :D

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