everyday, smilling to everyone

I don't know where is that, but it's a photo taken when I'm riding back home.

Orientation week has ended. Tomorrow will be the starting day of my university life. I have lectures until 6pm. Here, 6pm was like 4 - 5 pm in Miri. It will be completely dark when it is around 8pm. I will try to adapt myself to this environment . . .

Within this week, I met a lot of friends and we also have our own gang already. Let me tell you everything about my story here. How I met my friends ...

First, I am very lucky to have a friend already before I came here. She is SukTing my primary school friends. She's very talkative and always is the joker in the group.

So, another member of the gang is, Tien Yeow. He is very tall;180cm. Quite a helper and a good guy. He's from Johor Bahru. After few days of being together, I think he is a great friend. very interesting friend :D

So, another friend who is, Pinky. She's good as well. She has fringe and a gold coloured hair and she came from KL or Selangor.

So, there's a another girl from Cameron Highland. Actually there are two. One is Hui Qing and one is Pei Yiing. I know Pei Ying because she is my housemate. So she introduce Hui Qing to us. Then a group of friends are formed.

Then, tien you meet his classmate from JB too. He is Stefferan Ho; a mixed Indian, Thai and Chinese. I think, he is good looking especially the eye lashes. He's an athele as well.

So there are more and more friends that I met here. I can't describe them one by one because my memory is not that good. Utar is a good place to study because it's situated in Kampar where the biggest shopping mall is Tesco.

So tomorrow is the new beginning of the brand new journey.

I'm gonna ride bicycle to school TT


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