i'm homesick

Even though I'm still at home, I already started to feel homesick. URGH!

I went out again with my mum, to buy some stuff for the coming days; my leaving day.

She bought me a small small clock..

I told her no need for that, because I can use my phone.. and she went giving all the reasons :S

Well, I can't deny that I won't wake up if no ones wake me. I mean, with my mum around me for 17 years, she woke up me every single day. For 13 years of schooling, she woke me up every single day. Now, in two weeks time, I am going to start my life without parents by my side. I need to wake up on my own or else I'm will be doomed for late attending the class. For the next 4 years, I am going to wake up with the help of an alarm clock. SO SAD.

alright, teenager grows up to become an adult. I can bear with it. My mum helped me for 17 years , and I think it's time for her to rest and enjoy :D Let me do all the rest by myself. No worries ;D

the little clock that my mum bought for me :)


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