i'm not pretty

I am going to blog to overcome this boredom. Something about human. Human's eyes to be specifically. Especially girls. Every time I surf around facebook, I see pretty, adorable, delicious-looking, nice, unique photos of themselves uploaded on facebook. They have the fairest skin ever and I think it's all photoshopped. No offence. Photos do lie sometimes and that's why there's a saying , a photo covers thousands of stories behind. Maybe not thousands, hundreds perhaps.

I am not trying to be sarcastic or what, but it's all my opinion after all. With the invention of the contact lenses, they gone prettier and prettier. but not prettier than angel even I have not seen one.

Look at the photo above, green contact lens which make the eyes bigger. I can't put anything into my eyes because I have nightmare about it. It's very disgusting or should I say it as, "geli" ? I don't know how they can have the guts to put something in their eyes. For some, maybe it's a must. But the non-related one, I think they want their eyes looking bigger and bigger because God gave them small eyes =.=

SEE!, the eyes are SO HELL BIG. But I think she's adorable like hello kitty ! No, hello kitty is much better than her ! :P

This one, I found it on google when I typed " Big eyes girls"

Don't make your contact lens stuck in the your eyeballs or else you will end up like the one above ! !!!
so terrifying.

good night ! Off to my bed ! ;D

Very sleepy and emotionless.


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