is birthday an important occasion ?

Hey, I'm back. It's midnight now and I love blogging on midnights because my sister is sleeping, my whole family is sleeping except my brothers. But I'm in my room, I have privacy. Skip the craps. look at the title. Is birthday an important occasion ? I saw a lot of people posting up their birthday events which made me feeling so down, because I don't have my own birthday party in 17 years. Never once.

Birthday party where, family, cousins, friends, classmates, best friends gather together and sing the " Birthday" song to me where I will stand in the middle of the crowds and in front of the cake, with "Happy Birthday, Jessie" written on the cake. Then, before I blow off the candles, a photo is taken. Truely, it's in my wishlist.

p/s: Wishlist always unattended :P

I never asked my parents to do this for me. I can't because I don't want to waste their money and ask for their time. And I am not a princess too, so I don't need that. But I would like to have one, everybody is wishing me Happy Birthday orally with smiles on their faces. I attended a lot of my friends' parties. I even make party for them. I mean, organize the party for them. I remembered and treasured it very much, very much.

I'm not telling you guys to pity me for not having any party when I have my birthday. I'm just blogging. LOL
Anyway, having birthday party is good because it brings joy to everyone. Eat, eat chat chat and more. I should be grateful that people remember my birthday and it's more than enough. Well, since primary 5 or 4 I don't have any cake during my birthday. Maybe it's because that I grow older and need not to have anything like that anymore or was it , my parents are way too busy. Anyway, I don't care because I don't really care whether I get to eat cake on my birthday.

p/s: my friends still get their cakes on their birthdays . I'M SO LEFT OUT .wtf =.=

Well, you can eat cake any days , why must it be on your birthday ? nonsense.

I'm telling something funny. My dad doesn't even know when is my birthday. LOL I would be surprise with my eyes open widely if he wishes me "生日快乐,Jessie~"


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