i went to gym for the first time

Hello everyone, Aiko is back !!

Right here, in this very small room of mine, blogging about this certain stuff.

I just had my bath and I feel so good because I went out as early as 7 am in the morning and finally reached my home at about 10.30pm.

Is this my uni life ? It's quite tired actually. I heard my housemates complaining tired tired and tired. But then, I enjoy it much. not very much because I hate the washing clothes part.

This kind of life is simply so different than my life 18 years ago. Pampered, protection under my parents and siblings. Here, I don't get pampered by anyone -.- but I do pamper myself by buying stuff. I don't have to ask my mum whether to buy or not to buy because she asked me to make my own decision . So I did. I made a lot of decisions by myself. I joined tae kwon do which is my very own decision.

Few days ago, my mum called me and I was riding my bicycle (back from tae kwon do training) and on my way back to hostel. She said " what?! You joined tae kwon do?! (with a very surprising tone, I heard my brother shouting at the back too)

She didn't say anything, because I told her that I want to join before I came here. So , I joined! and she was shocked ! And it was very fun indeed, very very fun :P

Back to the title.

Ever since I was born into this world, I never enter a gym because I'm not that kind of person who cares about the body shape or stuff...

but I made a history today. I entered my school's gym with a group of friends.

I ran on the treadmill for around 20 minutes and I almost suffocated =.= and then I tried a lot of other exercising machines. Pretty much fun for today :D

Yay ! :D tomorrow I'm going to a mini concert held in my school. A artist called Bii is coming. I don't know who the hell is that until my friends told me. eeeee, first time concert ! YAY

Ever since I come here, there are lots of new things that I learnt. I learn many many stuff . . . .

Lastly, thank God for giving me this opportunity :D

God Bless!


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