it's not wrong to speak english

Hey everyone, I'm about to blog something interesting here. It will be all words, no pictures or videos.

Frankly speaking, I reached my new study place four weeks ago. After one month of spending my times here, I have a lot of opinions about all the things I saw and heard.

Actually the most hot topic for today is that I want to ask you guys ; readers whether speaking English language to people is a wrong thing to do. Teachers at here told me to speak English more, so I did. Even during the orientation day, the president himself asked us to speak english to communicate because my university is having problems with too much chinese-speaking in the school which brings a "sour" reputation towards the u. To be exact, more towards cantonese which I could not understand much.

I feel as if I am studying at chung hua school which is a chinese school. Most of the students speak chinese to each other. Previously, I am a pure josephian which is an english school , I suppose and I didn't regret for entering the school.

Here, I feel completely different. Mostly, 90% of people studying here are chinese including myself. So, going with the flow, they speak chinese, cantonese, hokkien, and what so ever dialects to each other.

I spoke english with my group mates and I know one guy, who I start to hate , a chinese look down on me. I don't know how to depict my feelings here by writing but one thing for sure, he is another boy-slut. ew.

I was wondering "why the heck is the administrator put me with this guy ?" I seriously need to shout out loud at his ear. saying what the hell! *banging my head to the wall*

To end my extremely boring post, I want to say, I will keep continue speaking English like a slut.

iwanttodemonstratemyturningkicktohim !@#@$#%$^%$


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