the last song

right now in the middle of the night, I am blogging again. Midnight blogging fever =X I did something smart today, I watched movie from my bed. I thought this only applicable at my home but then, out of my smart brain, I manage to enjoy my movie very much. I used a chair and put my laptop on top and my bed was only 30 cm from the floor, so I can watch movie very peacefully. The only imperfection is that I didnt eat any chips while watching it. Right, back to the title. I watched "The Last Song" and it was truly a remarkable movie that I ever watch. I bought the book too but didn't manage to finish it up. So, I asked my friend to help me to download the movie. Yes, I did not watch the wrong movie. I like it very very very MUCH! even though the movie has a sad + happy ending. I almost cried, but I did not :P I feel like watching more of this kind of movies. exclude the kissing parts. Alright, this is just a short update because I'm going to sleep now. I am going to get "Heroes" from my friend soon, right after exam ! :D

Tae kwon do lessons are getting fun ! Besides, I am not going to let people look down on me here ! No one knows me here, only my miri friends know me well. How I miss them SO MUCH. Here, sometimes I feel so down because some people are super arrogant and I feel like punching their noses. I'm not going to point who that is because many people step in and out of my life everyday. Sometimes I feel like make myself outstanding but then, somethings hold me back and I don't know what is that. PFFT.

Anyway, I just want to get good results for the coming exam because people are looking down on ME and I'm not happy with it. @@ Let's go JESSIE ! :D

one more thing, what's wrong with Sarawak ?!?! Please don't look at me with that kind of expression when I say I come from Sarawak. back off.

dude, I'm just expressing my anger here so bear with me. shit. this dirties my blog. I'm going to update another post about my school sooner or later :DDD

alright, finish with the bluff. Time to sleep ! Good night everybody ! How wonderful it is to update my blog =) everything is out , no more ~~~~


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