cloudy tuesday morning

I just woke up. Thanks to the alarm. I opened my eyes. I didn't see the sight of my little sister next to me. I felt worried. I saw ceiling fan turning and turning above me when I opened my sleepy eyes. The room was so quiet. as quiet as a feather hits the ground. No noises. All I could hear is the sound of birds singing without rhymes behind the hiding window under the orange curtain. I did not feel worried anymore because I saw rosary hanging on the wall. Everything was so calm. I realised that I was not home. I was somewhere else. Somewhere else that I need to pursue my dreams.

I sat up and try to regain my consciousness. I stood up and walked over to the window. I gazed at the block in front of me. I felt fresh. The air was so refreshing. I love. I walked into the bathroom to brush my teeth and wash my oily face. I could see my tired eyes on the mirror.

Class starts at 11 am and it's still early in the morning. I start to revise . . .


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