great days ahead

Hey friends. I'm right here right now, blogging again.

Oh ya, mathematics and biology test had done. I'm so glad. At least I did my very best already. Next week is physics and physical chemistry. I hope it will be an "OK OK" for me. I seriously don't want to get low marks.

btw, I'm so curious about my maths and biology marks. Hopefully the teachers had done marking them.

alright, I just want to drop few words here to update my blog because I don't want it to die, untouched, abandoned.

Besides, today I went to a basketball court nearby my house. It's pretty fun because I think I played quite well :P

I like to start the game, where I dribble the ball and then watch my team mates and then start to pass the ball to the correct person :)

Week 6! faster end so that I can enjoy my weekend !

I guess that's all for today, and the thunder here is pretty weird. I want to watch an episode of City Hunter starring Lee Minho before I go back to my revision xDDD


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