Monday, July 11, 2011


All this while, I have been trying to be tougher than coconut. Out of sudden, I feel like crying in the silent mode. I realised that no one is here. All I could hear is the sound of radio. Nothing else, that made me feel like crying. I hold on my tears because I need to be tough. While I was doing my mathematics questions, the feeling of being back home suddenly feel so strong within my heart. Deep down, I was thinking, I couldn't live without my family. I miss my family now. really. I wanted to see my mum, dad, brothers and sister. This is the first time I cried, while I'm blogging . . .

I feel so painful deep down my heart.. I dropped my tears . My cheeks are wet. I really miss my home very much . . .

I miss everyone . . . . .. :(


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