thank you

Thank you, Lord .

I wanted to say this so much because I passed my Physics exam ! I failed in Test 1 and fyi, I never failed any test in my life before. That was the first time. So the school had the supplementary test to help us. So, I did and I passed !

Studying at here is quite tough because I need to manage my time wisely or else, everything will be out of my control. I need to do all the things by myself. Last time, I was under the care of my beloved parents, everything was settled by them and I just need to study and study.

Here, it's completely different. I have to arrange my time between chores and study. Sometimes doing chores make me losing my time. I can't really study well here but then, after few weeks, I started to get smarter in handling all the things.

And I have sufficient time to revise my subjects before the exam falls although sometimes are really really sick of the sleepy eyes.

But then, I think after few months, I'll get used to here. I can manage my time well. So, time management will not be a challenge for me. I never encounter any problem when I was in high school.

Pretty cool for a girl like me to be able to adapt to the environment. Alright, I need to do my chemistry report .

Onto the next post, bye !

p/s: I can't wait to be home in one month + ! I miss my bed terribly. The bed here, SUCK TO HELL. it's hard and stiff. I have to sleep on it because I have no choice.


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