Yesterday I went out to have dinner with a group of my friends. It was Saturday night. I had spaghetti and red bean + yam ice cream as my dinner. The dessert was extremely perfect, appetizing ! I am going to try for the second time again. While we were walking home, my friend wanted to "tapao" (meaning take away. Malaysian's language) burgers for her housemates. What touches me is, until now, how wonderful the love is. I saw a boy around 11 or 12 aged was frying the burger meat. The mum was beside him. He helped the mum to do business. The expression on both of them touched my heart. I felt that my heart skips a beat and continue pumping, or else I will be dead . At the same time, I was thinking what happens to the family ? Mother coming out and doing business and the child was helping out. There was no sight of the father. I could just looked at them without doing anything. I felt terrible. I wanted to help them , but I don't know how to. Maybe everytime I wanted to eat burger, I would walk there and buy from them. I tell myself, if I have a lot of money, I would help all the poor out there to have a good life. So, for those who is extremely rich out there, please think of the poors. Instead of buying a GUCCI bag, donate out the money and you can save a lot pf people !


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