when the night comes

Hey everyone. I'm a little bit weird today because I did not do well in my physics exam but then, I don't feel inferior or what, just bored of physics exam. I mean, I don't really study well because it was too complicated that almost made my head burst yesterday. So, in the end, as expected, I can't do well so I don't have to feel regret or what , because it is my own fault. I tell myself not to feel bad or what because I believe I can do well next time ! Yes. and of course that needs twice hardwork.

Drop off the stuff. Let's be happy :D

So, that's my books for this semester. Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics are not a waste because I could use it for a year but then, critical thinking and physics are hell a waste of money. I only took CT and PHY for one semester ( I found out later after I bought the books )

Let's see my id in school. I hate the photo because I look so damn weird inside.

Let's talk about my university. I have a lot of teachers here but not until the extend where I cannot remember their names. I have one particular teacher, who is my biology teacher. We call him Mr. Ho . He is my practical and tutorial teacher. He loves making all those dirty jokes around and I find it pretty funny. I can't stop laughing because it's too funny =.= and there's another biology lecturer called Mr. Tai Seriously he shares some similar traits like a genius in my high school last time and everybody was saying him, lengzai. ahahahah! until me myself thinks so. maybe I should take a photo with him and rate him on the blog. btw, im so bored now and I am going to sleep soon but my housemates are super noisy but i want to watch city hunter so much until i want to explode but i can't because i'm not a bomb.sorry everyone. I don't know why am I writing everything in this kind of cincai manner. I don't care but i just want to say bye! sorry for stuffing everything into a paragraph :/

good night peeps ~! btw, I'm going to penang in few weeks time !


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