no tv no fun

I took this photo from one of the blog and I found that it is pretty much interesting. I shared it on facebook and I don't mean to offense anyone =) credits to the blogger who made this photo.

Yesterday, a badminton match between Lee Chong Wei (Malaysia) and Lin Dan (China) held somewhere in the world. I HAVE NO IDEA IT IS AT WHERE BUT I FOUND OUT THE NEWS FROM FACEBOOK. Everyone was posting about the tight match between both professional badminton players. I can't watch it online because I HAVE NO TV TO WATCH HERE. WTF. iamsopoor!

I heard someone shouted when they were having ties continuosly. I was looking at the online scoreboard hoping lcw would win the match. =3

Since I have been here for like almost 2 months and more or 3 months, I didn't get to play badminton lerrrr. Sien.

kk, I think that's all. It's a boredom post after all :D Igottadosomerevisionforfinals!


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