cake design competition

This week, I had been under the rain while going home for like three days. First was on Monday, I forget to bring my umbrella. Second was on Tuesday, the sky was roaring hotly angrily whatever at me. So scary. I cycled home that day. The rain was not that heavy, just drizzling. then today, it was raining quite heavy and I was cycling home from school after attending the cake design competition held by Arts and Crafts society. I think it's pretty interesting and fun as well !

Photos !

The last photo was our cake. I guess our design looks extremely childish. You can't blame us, because we are still in our 17s' ! =P

We brought the cake home and it turned out to be disaster !. What a waste ! The chocolate spongecake was nice, but after eating the second slice, I don't feel like eating it anymore. It was actually a fun competition even though we did not win, but it's worth it. Definitely a great experience for this year =D

onto the next post, bye !


LemonberryLulu said…
angry birds!!!! <3 how did they make it.... Is that a rainbow on your cake, a well and a fence :) it looks cute!
Aiko chan said…
lemonberry!!! omg, you know what actually I did on my cake ! thx! because people who came over and looked at the cake, don't know what is that Zzzz
~mEm0RiEs~ said…
so cute...!!! i love the angry bird and home the most.. lolx
Aiko chan said…
hehee, there are more actually but I didnt get to take any photos :DD

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