Today something extravaganza happened in my entire life. I didn't cry, I didn't feel angry. It's weird. I laughed =.=

Well, you know what ? I fell down from the f8cking bicycle. I was feeling my body was thrown over from the bicycle's seat. Flying up in the air ! Like a rocket. I didn't hurt myself much because I wore a jeans and pieces of arm clothings (i don't know what to call that, the thing to cover your whole arm from sunlight). That really help a lot, if not, I know I will have trouble walking and bathing :O screaming in pains !!

This is a very very rare experience. I think the last time I fell down was when I was in primary school. I seldom fell down with the whole body on the ground. HAHAHA

That is why I have legs free from scars but I do have some scars on the knee :(
but the bad thing is, my legs are not perfect as girl generation legs. fats!!


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