New semester wow

Oh, right.

New semester is officially going to start in few more hours.

So, I am going to venture into a classroom with strangers+awkward expressions because I have different tutorial time with my friends. wth.

I have to cycle again and I think I am going to be fat sooner or later if I keep continue eating like a like a like a.. gorilla. That's right, the correct word. GORiLLa.urgh.

so ugly.

I don't want. I want to be a mermaid ! :D LOL

Mermaid: sorry. please don't use mermaid to describe what you want to be because you just can't be one.

I have a lot of random thoughts in my head but I don't know how to write it in a good way so I just dump everything I thought for the moment.

That's why you see, this post is messier than usual. I know my stats are going down T_T readers please come back and read my messy post to get a messy day and messy hair.

Okay, sleeping time ! Night everyone :)

ohh ya, before I forget. I'm waiting for my parcel from Japan blogger friend ! Faster please ! I can't wait to see what I won :)

ohh ya, please don't simply click on the links at my chatbox because some are dangerous websites left by some morons. Don't say I didn't warn you !


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