hey my dearest readers.

Today would mark a very interesting and thoughtful day of my 18 years living in this world. I am not trying to show off myself because it is a day that I would never forget, or if I forget, I would be able to retrieve it back when I look back at the post I posted.

Do you guys ever feel something like a heavy rock IS SINKING and finally it will reach to your heart ? While the rock is sinking is the moment where you can do something to change it. You could run, so that the heavy rock will not reach your heart ?

Yes, that is just a stupid random analogy about what I am going to type after this.

It was 6.30pm and I was asked by my friend whether wanting to go out for dinner or not. So, I say yes because I want to buy newspaper at the same time because if it was not because of that, I would not want to go out for dinner. But making that decision has gotten me to realise something very important in life. God is up there, watching every movements of us.

I went for my dinner after leaving my bicycle at the shop for some maintanence. I walked off to buy newspaper nearby the place I had dinner. I saw the aunty(the owner of the shop) that said I'm sweet :] HAHAHA!

So, I told my friend that I went to take my bicycle first. So, I rode my bike and parked my bicycle at the eating place. Little did I know that someone was calling me from my back. The yelling sounds greater and greater. So, I have to turn over to make sure if someone was calling for me. Well, someone was calling me. He was a boy (he looks younger than me) and he was holding few notes on his hand.

He told me that he wanted to go back to Ipoh but he had not enough money. He was asking money from me. RM 6.50 was all he needed. I did not think anything about it but when he was pleading and pleading, I felt so scare and nervous as well because I thought he wanted to steal my purse if I did not give him money. His expression is really very very pitiful. So I told him I went over to find my friends first. I was feeling guilty. very "emphasized on the very"

I told me friend the whole story because they were looking at me talking something to the boy. Then we went home. I thought the story would end there, about the little boy. But it was not. On our way home, suddanly my friend's bike trye puncture for no reason because she changed her tyre few days before =.=

So I accompany her to the bike shop again to change a new tyre. I thought so fast. Is this God's will ? Seriously everything happened so randomly like it had been planned. I went back to the place to find the boy bringing RM7 (ngam ngam) I looked at the pillar and thought that he had gone away. I was talking with my mum at the same time on phone.

I thought he was gone already. I looked to the other side, I saw him. I ran towards him and handed him the notes. He told me, " thank you " that time, I was feeling so relieved ! very very relieve!

He was quite happy I guess since he could get home to Ipoh. The whole thing ended there.

It was quite a thing for me because this thing never happen to me before. I was being coward and selfish at first, but everything must be settled in the correct way. I just know that I have to do it. It was like an instinct. My heart is telling me YELLING at me to give the money !! So I DID. I guess it was correct thing to do.

So that is the end of my story. I hope everyone who encounter this, maybe you should follow your heart when it comes to this kind of stuff.


Following you back, dear! thank you xx Joice

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