night market in Kampar

This happens every Wednesday night in my study place. I seldom ( like once in 5 years) go to this place back in my hometown because my parents don't like place with damn lot of people. So, at here, I have chance to try walking around in SWEATS looking for nothing. Like a blind woman.

All they have are foods ! and many many foods! Some bags, shoes, etc are sold here too. Earrings too !

when there's foods, there's people.

Hot and spicy laksa on sale ! those who love to eat laksa, make a visit :]

Danish pastry centre though I never heard or seen it before.

So I bought this cake which cost me RM6 because the look the cakes have are really making me drooling even though I was full. I bought it choosing, chocolate, mocha and lychee ? I haven't try it out yet but soon :D

The photo doesn't look good but it does look good to me


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