hi, I'm overstressed !

This is very very stressful ! Organic chemistry is a very very stressful subject. So sad, I have memorise so many things and so many things into my mind to face coming exam which is on Monday!

I woke up very early today, because I need to study.... how sorry I am to my body :(

I am taking a break now because I almost done my revision for the three topics which are Arenes, halogen compounds/derivatives and hydroxyl compound. My God, that is killing me! Test 1 was easy and I was able to get 12/15. I could have got higher, but so sad, the lecturer refuse to give us the marks that we are suppose to get but others could get it because they have different lecturers. Shit... life is so unfair!!

Tonight, I have to redo all the tutorials again to recap everything and then tomorrow I want to memorise all the shits again and then do all tutorials for the whole week and then, reread chemistry again. Pfft, this is going to be.... crazy.

I rather read biology than chemistry even though my marks for biology is lower than chemistry. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Oh, yesterday I met a very shameless guy. I did not know what is his full name. Well, I don't think I ever call his name before. He is my friend's friend. So, I basically went out just to have my dinner.

So, I think he was having some kind of chemistry with my friend but not until the boy girl rls. The story goes like this, we stopped by at the groceries shop to buy something. So, I was searching for something and suddenly a dirty finger go and poke my waist. Wtf? I almost karate him. Did he mistaken the facebook world and real life ? You think very fun meh, poke people? If it's your close friends or friends it's okay but I'm not even your friends or cf. I hate people (strangers) suddenly go and poke me. FU! poke poke poke there. You think I am your doll meh ?

I don't mind if it's a girl friend, or a guy friend that I known longer or more like friends. But hell, this is no. I don't even know him at all, can't even remember his name ! During the dinner time, I felt very annoyed when I was eating one table with him. Wtf, he go and tell US ( we are always together) about we, talking chinese among ourselves. There is an Indian guy too, he is friendly, and he don't mind we talk chinese right. I think he used to it already. We did not ignore him okay. That stranger go and tell us that we ignore him. Wtf?

Everybody do what also, he wanted to comment this and that. Like a mother.

I still can forgive him for that because maybe it's his nature. I don't want to waste my feelings on him because he does not even worth it!

So to my readers, don't hesitate to karate him when someone (strangers) suddenly poke you out of no where.

Well, the moment he poked me, I show my super fierce face to him and I think he is scared of me out of sudden. He thought I am very weak huh? Haha. I told him " I hate people poke me. and the black face to him". I can carry 30kg pack of rice okay. Don't ever mess with me.

Never ever invade my personal space. It's ain't for you. I don't mind if you poke me in facebook though :P


Vyvy said…
I totally get what you mean, I am taking organic chemistry also and it has been kicking my butt!! >.< Never aced a test yet and probably won't lol, tooooo much to memorize

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