missing ..

Time seems to crawl when you miss the one you love.

Well, just now, I had my dinner for free. Thanks to my friend's family. I really treasure the way she helped me regarding this school stuff. I saw the family. I was reluctant to go for dinner actually, thinking that I might be the "stranger". I am stranger. Haha. Well, I don't want her to feel despise(I don't know it's the correct word or not), so I went. Right after the exam. Thankfully today maths test was easy. Thank GOD !

I was sitting. Feeling a little bit uncomfortable because they are not my families :( Suddenly thought of my family while eating. How wonderful it is, if they are my families. Those familiar faces that usually fill in my mind.. So wonderful that you give me one million also I don't want. Zzz. I said this because no one will ever give out one million =.= So, I had my dinner, very full. hmm. I had a hard time to get the food onto my plate too! It was super awkward and weird if I am going to take some food. I wanted to finish my rice faster, so I ate BIG spoonful of rice! Most of the time, my friend's mum take the food for me. Thankfully ! If not, I am going to eat white rice.. Well, actually it was not that bad la, white rice is good :) hahaha! I guess this is another experience that I encounter this year. Sitting and eating with unfamiliar faces. I only know my friend's family. That's all~


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