music box and DIY painting !!

Yea, you see the photos. I spent quite a lot this week due to the attractive stuffs sold in my school. Wednesday, they have the " Flea Market " where they sell various stuff ranging from pets to accessories and so on. So, I bought a DIY painting :)) I bought one big painting ( not so big la") and two smalls ones. I started to paint white colour and I think it will be good because I like doing this kind of stuffs ! Hhahaha, btw, I am going to give one painting (with merry christmas wordings ) to my mum :D

Hehe, well I am going back home on third after the new year begins. I finish my finals on 31 dec and I have to stay in my hostel for, two days because the flight ticket is super expensive on the first and second!

I'm going to give the left one to my mum after finish painting it! hehehe Owh, the right one, sunflower, I'm going to keep it for myself :)

this one is big, I don't know who to give, but I will just paint it for the sake of painting! hahahahah!!

tadaaaaa! look at the size!

Alright, I bought this today for RM 69. I hope it lasts because I use my own money to buy !!! Back then, I have a radio in my room last time. I can tune in radio station so easily! So, I walked around the PC fair in my school and I saw this cute stuff! Damn cute, so I bought it. LOL

You know what, the antenna attached to it is pretty useless because I can't get to hear any station except for the Malay radio station such as "suria" or what.. I want to hear!! But I can't. I don't know why, very very lousy antenna. All I hear is zzzzzzz sound. ZZzzzz

Anyway, I can use the my pendrive and attach to the port at the back of the box and play all the songs! So convenient! :DDD Now, I don't have to open my laptop to hear songs anymore! hehehe, because I think internet is getting boring and boring ! lol, except for my blog. :)

Anyway, the box comes with to speakers at the side and the sound, I think it's pretty okay for me as long as I get to hear some sounds. HAHAHAH.

Alright, I need to revise my maths again! Differentiation and integration. Zzzz God bless me next tuesday for the coming test ya! My current coursemark for maths is 21/25. 15 more marks to go, I must at least get, hmm 13/15 ?

Oh ya, two meetings have been held with my team! Which is this Monday and Wednesday which is yesterday :D HEHEH, yesterday the atmosphere was a little bit tense but in the end, it turned out to be so... funny.

I will become Aang in the avatar. HAHAHAHAH! the wind power but I get injured in the end. Well, the killing part was damn funny. I hope I don't screw up during presentation! Ahh well,  I need some practice on how I get flown away when the monster hit me. I must be dramatic to let everyone, like "OMFG". LOL

Oh ya, this week I got back the mid term test mark for Academic English and ECS.

Surprisingly I got 37/40 for ECS but I got cut 2 marks because teacher was careless! He gave me a tick instead of a wrong. That makes me 35/40. This teacher really make people, nervous and excited at first then cut my mark. So sad. Haha, well, at least I let teacher cut my mark, and he say " waa so honest ah " ahahah. well, it's me bah xD

But unfortunately, I did not do so well in AE. I only got, 37/50. bullshit. I should have gotten 40/50. But that will be converted into 15 la, I'm going to get 11/15. Still can survive :D

oh, ECS converted into 9/10. teehee~

Thank God for helping me in exam though :)

I want to watch breaking dawn!


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