Oh gosh.

I think I have a severe eye damage because I can't see words clearly from my bed to the walls which is just 1 and a half meter away. Zzz, I just get blurry image, I don't know why, maybe I'm still dreamy that time.

Drop that.

Have you ever feel that you want to look out for someone in school every time you walk out and stroll around the school area? You hope to bump to that someone so much, cycling. whatsoever. I have this weird feeling and I wanted to get out from this !

Oh, I need to revise my biology again, bye ! I must get better mark this time........

Oh, before I forget, today is 11.11.11 right ? Issit a korean's valentine's Day or halloween day. I don't know about this, but I think it's just rumours around. Well, they say, make a wish on 11.11.11 and your wish will be granted ? how foolish it is to trust that. HAHA.

Since I have a wish on my mind, I don't think it will cause me any problem if I make a wish at right ? Meaning, I'm foolish, though. hahahaha. Being foolish once in a while, doesn't kill you.

I have two wishes actually. Oh, no, I have three wishes. Two for myself and one for my family! <3

I won't tell anyone my wishes somehow because it is supposed to be a secret. bye! Happy wishing before 111111 ends!


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