a sketch

In three weeks time, I am going to have another ECS presentation. This time it's about group work. Last time was individual, the 5 mins speech presentation. Absolutely peanut for me. o=

This time, I think it will be tougher because it's far more complicated. You have to come out with a storyline that potray the forming, storming, norming, bla bla bla. So much to do, and next week, we have to hang in the plot and we are the last group to present. Actually we are already very lucky because we get the last to present which is Week 12.

Week 10 there's Chemistry test, Week 11 there's Maths test and Week 12 there's no more test!

Lol, presentation starts on Week 11. Two groups ahead of us must be stressful because of that. Have to cope with exams and sketch at the same time. Hope they can do well.

My group are heterogenous group. Three guys and three girls. Just nice. well, 5 chinese and 1 indian.

Anyway, I hope we can really do well so that the our marks can hike up! Worse still, my friends say I'm the leader. So heavy ah the burden! Zzz.. well, I'm strong, nothing can beat me :P

Eeeeeee let's have fun acting ! Do you think I have the face to become a bad witch ?! I always like to become the villain of the story. heh.


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