the right way to cleanse your face

Hey, this is very brief one that I wanted to share with my readers :) Alright, girls or boys who always complain about having bad face day must read this ! Haha. First thing that you should take note is, the way you clean your face.

If you have not been cleaning your face using cleanser, you better hurry and get some cleanser to clean your face!

First, wash your face with warm water. If you actually look at your skin after rinsing it with warm water, you will see that your pores become larger. I can help you to understand this. Actually your body already hot itself ( 38.5'C). When you wash your face with warm water, it makes your body become hotter. So, basically your body will do something to prevent your body from getting a higher temperature.

This time, the body will actually make the pores on your face bigger to release the heat out of your body. When pores become bigger, this is the time to do your stuff. Quickly, spread some cleanser on your palm and apply it on your face. Rub it for about 5 minutes. Massage your face. The enlarged pores, actually will make all the dirts (oils etc) easily gone off.

This is very true because I practise this :)

Lastly, rinse your face not with the warm water, but cold water. It applies the same theory like just now. When your face are cold, your body will actually close up the pores, to prevent heat loss through the pores.

You can actually see it with your naked eyes. Your pores must be close, after you wash your face to prevent any dirt from entering your pores again and further cause acne, pimples forming.

So, readers! Do try out this. Remember to wash your face with warm water, and then end your cleaning session with cold water :D

Oh ya, actually after you clean rub your face with the cleanser, you can use warm water to clean it off and then cover it up with another cold water session just to close up the pores :)


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