urgh. urgh. urgh.

I glance behind me. It's an empty bed with undone chemistry notes. I glance on the floor. It's very messy with notes, books bags and pens all over the place. I glance at the side of the window. It's a pile of laundry. I glance next to me. It's a printer and there's a styrofoam box on top of it. I glance in front of me. It's a laptop screen. I glance up. It's a ceiling fan with dirty dusts. Okay, I have no where to glance at anymore.

I feel so bored in the room. There's another 8 days to finals. Oh eya. 3 January is approaching which means, freedom for 2 weeks. Oh, Christmas is coming and new year too. Arh, I can't celebrate both and have no intention to celebrate new year too.

it's intensely too boring unless I shop for new clothes. Will be flocking with my friend to somewhere else right after finals and going to shop for presents for my family and friends. Yahoooooooooooooooooo~ Kitty for bestie, hehe. mickey or angry bird watch for michelle, and more to go~~ Mugs for my mum and dad ? Brothers? no need lah. haha. sister ? will see~.~ cousins ? will see too. i have no idea what to buy.

Haha, that will seriously make me broke. But who cares, it's a happy thing :)

Well, I am going to shop for another round for books! heheh. buh-oh-bye.


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