cny eve !

Oh, it's already chinese new year eve. I am here, meaning I had my dinner already.

This year doesn't seem to be a reunion dinner because grandparents are not here, big uncle and family did not come back due to certain reasons, and left with, my family and another uncle who came over for the dinner. One word : SO BORING !!

So sad. anyway there is another member in the family. A CAT .

A CAT !!! which my brothers picked up from the roadside. uh-oh. Damn! I am gonna show you the pic if I am brave enough to take a close-up photo. hmm, anyway, the cat's eyes are quite pretty.

Haha. Hmms.

ANYWAY, tomorrow, I hope my cousins will come over and go to my greatgrandma's house. hehe. red packets~~ ! I got the first one from my grandma through my dad. hehehehe. rm 50 into my pockets~ to my dad: I want rm100...+0.....hahaha.

bye~ happy chinese new year, later I am going to take a video of... fireworks if it's successfully taken. brb :/


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