owh, first time this time round

Before today ends, I need to blog. I have been stressing myself these days because of the complications I met while studying. You know, uhhhh-oh. So you got the answer.

I had my dinner, breaking my record, I have been fasting from any chicken for, like 6 days I think, if I'm not mistaken. I took fish but not pork or chicken meat. I think my taste bud will be confused when I take chicken again. I don't know why, everytime I try to eat my meals, I always ended up with fish.

Alright, no big deal. People from other places have been fasting from meat for years! I have no right to say anything or being proud of this. So, this is the first time I blogged about my new semester which I have been through for 5 weeks. I stayed up late until 8pm in school for revision class. Not many people are attending the class because, I guess they are way too smart and do not need any extra class. So fun if I can dig out their brains and exchange it with mine so that they become dumb and I become smart. HAHAHAAHA. My school has a lot of smarties, fyi.

Not enjoying, but fun. More relaxing but tired. Colder than evening. zzz what am I talking about ?!

So, friends. We went home together, by cycling of course. At least there is still some friends going home together because I will be SCARED like shit in school because got ghost. zzz


It's a starry night outside there. So glad :)


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