I always hate to be angry at something or someone because it tires me out. I used to be a person who can be angry over something small for a long time. Especially when I was little. I used to cry over little things until I think my brothers and sister and cousins HATE me.

To be precise, REALLY BAD TEMPER. My mum reminds me too when we were chit chatting. 小气鬼 AND 爱哭婆 were what my cousins and siblings teased long long time ago. Really long time ago.

Now, I don't think I will be angry over something easily, even when people tease me, I don't really get hurt or angry. Somewhat like "heartless or feelingless", where you can't feel the need to be angry at something even if you are meant to be angry.

Over the years, I don't know why God gives me this kind of feeling and I am kind of appreciate it :D Blessed with happy feelings every single second is indeed the most blessed thing in the world!

When you are happy, you tend to do things really good, and and everything will be good lah! Imagine if you are angry at something and you try to cook a packet of maggi mee and I think after you eat the mee, you will feel , angrier than before. You might get, stomachache too because of indigestion. LOL what am I bluffing about...zzz

Anyway, why am I talking about this so suddenly ?!??!

Because my neighbour is so noisy and keep shouting and banging the door! She was shouting "OPEN THE DOOR!!!!" I was freaking scare of this kind of thing, cause I scare of people fightingggggg using hands legs etc.....................zzz

oh, childhood memories :O


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