Actually I like to collect rubbish. Seriously, truly rubbish. People give me stuff even if it is a piece of flyer, I brought it back home and collect it. So yesterday I had spring cleaning in my room until I was almost exhausted and almost die.. I climbed the table and the chair to get myself being able to touch the wings of the fan.

Sorry to say that I never clean ceiling fan before. So, when I climbed the chair, I felt my legs were shaking. wtf. It was like I'm 163 cm + 150com. So it's around 3 meter high. My God, why the roof is so tall. Anyway, gladly I did not break the table or chair(due to my weight) and not falling off from 3 meter. If not, I won't be here blogging!

illustration of me cleaning the fan! sorry for the ultimate ugliness of my drawing! Actually I can draw better :P
So, now my room is cleaner and neater! But there is still some webs above me and I can't bother to clean it because it is too HIGH. wtf.

Oh ya, I collected many rubbish right, I threw some useless ugly rubbish yesterday. I looked at those rubbish, I don't feel like throwing them because they are people's hardwork! Making a flyer is hard you know cause I made before, all the arrangements and bla bla bla. You got it if you tried before.

So you have to treasure! LOL. Since I have so many rubbish, I planned to clip it somewhere , so I thought of something creative and cute!

I connected two strands of strings on the window and tied it up. Coincidentally my windows are next to each other, around 70 cm apart from each other. So that it can support my string since there are grills attached on both windows! Then YAHOO! photo!

Actually it's not rubbish, photos, etc.. some rubbish are not hanging there because I am too lazy to hang it there. So I just leave it on the curtain. Spot my idol ? LMH!! :P


domokun said…
aah i love how u clip the photos on the wall>< i wana have one alsoo ><
Jessie said…
hehehe, it's easy actually, all you need to have is one string and a place where you can tie them up! ^^
Jessie said…
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