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Rainbow that turned out for you ~ tomorrow will be better day!

Like separated sister chromatids during anaphase of mitosis and meiosis 2; resembles me and my sister. We are separated by the South China Sea. Such a big big gap. Anyway, I could just fly back in 2 hours. Hahaha. Tomorrow is biology test! Anyway, today I felt weird because I don't feel like tomorrow there is a test. Zzzzz I'm taking a break from memorising stuff into my head.

Hmm, I received a call from my mum two days before because today is already the day when biology test is going to be. 6.30pm! Well,that's not the point of this post. I received the call and my mum told me she brought my sister to hospital because she could not walk.

That's terrible when I heard about it. A little bit of heart attack. But anyway, it's alright and better right now. And then my friend made a paper bird for her but could not send over, so blogging is the best way ! Hehehe, I just realised it while memorising biology notes and decided to blog about it, since I'm so bored and can't sleep because I just drank hot tea!

Paper bird signifies recovery. I hope you read this and don't torture yourself ya! Just enjoy all the things, don't stress out too much about projects, and exams or bsmm~ You can do it~ number 1 sure can do it, 7a easy job~ don't stress out~~multiple choice questions only~~a b c d~~ so easy~~ hahaha... no stress no stress maybe a little will do.. just enjoy form 3 before u enter form 4..

And coincidentally, I saw rainbow when I looked out the window! It was few minutes rainbow. There's no rain today, but rainbow appeared! Miracle! Maybe not miracle if you use scientific term to explain. Maybe it's raining on the other side of somewhere nearby my area, so rainbow is formed la.. lol that's not even a scientific stuff at all.

orange paper bird :)
Alright, time to say goodbye!! I have to be back to my beloved notes..... Iatesnacksagain!omggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg

p/s:I really hate the moron test game but I must conquer it. MUST


YiiQing said…
hehehe! okay!! =D thanks yea!! I can do it!!! Gambateh! same goes to you too!! >.< Jia you!!!

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