i'm pissed off!

Do you ever feel angry over something that you feel like splitting out all your alkaline saliva at the thing ? I AM FEELING ONE NOW!
wtf. I don't know why I study this subject in school, it's not like it's useful for my future?why don't you(administrator!)give me more biology tests instead of this stupid shit !#@$#@%$^%$&^%*&^5 programming assignment?!?!?!/!?can you just vanished away from my life?all the include int main void wtf. i hate you!!!!!!HATE YOU LIKE I HATE THE PIMPLES ON MY FACE. 3!@#@$#^%$&^%&^*^&* SHIT SHIT SHIT i want to throw rotten eggs at you!!?!!!?!!@#@$@#%#%#$%$%@#$!#@!$%#%*^&(*&)**$^%&#%#@can you leave me aloneeeEeeE?EE?E?E?E??E?E?Edon't tallk alien language,can you just be good and dont show me the error mesage?stop PROMPTING AND GET THE CORRECT ONE for me!!!!wth....u leave me like shit.goodbye, three more weeks and I am going to THROW AND BURN BURN U!!!! BURN BURN BURN!!!!


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