tasty chicken soup~

It has been the second day since I reached my hometown. I have been going out continuously for two days. I really have some sort of boring mood at here, even though it is just the second day. Maybe I used to the studying mood back in Kampar where there's nothing you can do other that study if you were at home. Right now, I have DAMN  lot of free time and I think i used my time very wisely, reading books, blogging, spending money, and also talking to mum. Hehe, just now I was out for movie; The Avengers with my bestie and friends. Nobody is changing, look normal to me, not fat not thin either. Well, that's a good thing. Nobody say I become fatter too :O

Anyway when I reached home, I entered the front door and saw my mum was waiting for me =) She was reading her favourite Chinese novel, which I am trying to read and improve my Chinese. I am writing in Chinese too !

Oh gosh, glad that I did not go home too late or else my mum would wait for me :( Anyway, I bought a new sports shoes ! Not expensive because it's half price at LEA centre, last day! Go and grab new shoes, new bags, new shirts :)

Oh well, the main title for this post supposed to be chicken soup! Sorry for beating around the bush talking craps :S You look at the photo! It was taken yesterday night when I was having the scrumptious and tastiest and awesome chicken soup plus steamed rice by my mum! I always love to drink CHICKEN SOUP! Don't you think that the most awesome food in th eworld is not the abalone, grilled lamb chop, spaghetti bolognaise, pizza hut, kfc BUT MY MUM'S CHICKEN SOUP!!!!! :P

I always love to eat chicken soup with steamed rice. No more, no need other side dishes and I could just eat two plates of it! Hehe, I grow up by chicken soup :PPP Awesome right?~~~~

igore the yellow yellow stuff because it was egg >.< I accidentally added in and my brother said eeeeyerrrr :O still taste nice what?! Thank you mummy :DDD love ya~~~~
Besides chicken soup, let me show you one photo of my brother's cat; EMO. She was being naughty because she scratched me ! I'm not angry at her because I think she was being bored, nothing to do, was trying to play around with me. She's soft and I am trying not to being overly reacted when she suddenly popped out in front of me SO SUDDENLY and it scares my lungs out! tadaaaaaaaaaaaa photo~ she doesn't smell like the cat outside, so I leave it playing on the bed~ Quite cute >.< I think she likes me because she always hanging around in my room LOL or maybe because the door is open so she comes in.


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