family day. LOL

Dad and mum out from work for one day! I got up very late in the morning! Heheh, after getting up a while dad came back from i dont know where and we went out for lunch ! To my favourite place; Dynasty Chinese restaurant. Super expensive because my mum "dapao" meaning take away fried rice for little brother and sister. Guess what ? One fried rice costs RM10! omg. Not my idea of going there but my dad. So don't blame me! Hehehe, anyway, it was a very full and appetizing lunch because there was nestum chicken ! I like it so much!

In the afternoon, I spent my time doing cookies! I use hand instead of using the machine to mix the butter and the sugar and it turned out great! The cookies are crunchier than the cookies that I made before ! Want the recipe ? Let me tell you :D

What you need :

1. Butter; I used "Planta" in this case. If you want to use the golden churm planta also can.
2. Castor sugar
3. 2 eggs
4. baking powder
5. flour

All you need to do at first is to mix sugar and butter together until it turns whitish. This is the most important part because it is what it makes the cookies crunchier!

Then, when it become whitish, you just add in the consequences ingredients above. I don't use grams, or what, I just simply estimate how much I need. Not too much not too less. Lol.

Next, flour adding! Be careful! Cause if too much flour it will make the dough become too hard and when it's done, the cookies will turn out to be like rock! So, you also need the power of estimation to do this. Not too much flour! :D

Then, shape your cookies and put it into oven! :DD

Good luck !

shit face cookies! :PPPP

Someone challenge me putting up my family photo and post it on blog! I took it, but it looks blurry and dark and ugly and small. LOL. Anyway, I'm going to post after he posted his ! :P hahahaha~


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