go to dad's hometown

Dad's hometown, very messy with trees, durians, and of course, the most popular one; mosquitoes! My dad asked me to visit gong gong because I haven't seen him for years. So, I visited him and just went back. It was 15 minutes flight to and from miri. Oh, that place is called Marudi. Rural place ! :O

imagine there's a white ghost hanging over there, how scary it is !!! i think there is, just that my eyes frequency is different, so I can't see. LOL, who told me that ?

that's my dad. LOL

this is bamboo house in the jungle. They live there and do the rubber tapping ~

dragonfruit! :DD I thought it was cactus at first..

where I lived, for three days two nights. Not so awesome because it was boring, no people to play with except dad, grandma and grandpa.

this is my gong gong carrying gun! geng leh!

tap tap rubber! smelly shit!

this even smellier !!! 
All the trees are durian trees. Today is mother's day! Tonight there will be cutting cake session, sorry ya mum, this year is cake !! should be nice because it's expensive ! hhehehe, last year we bought purse for mum and this year is super nice cake ! :DDDDD Love you =) I will study smarter for you...because I want to graduate and work and buy house for you :))) and dad. lol!

Alright, actually all the photos are taken by MY NEW SAMSUNG S ADVANCE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HEHEHHE, I desperately need a cover for my phone, but I couldn't get the one I like.. this month I'm so broke.... now, I regret that I did not wait for the white one,,, but I can't wait to have one....so i brought the black one ..... i want a white one... :(((((

Nevermind, as long as I happy, everyone happy, happy happy yay!! heheheh :D

Oh ya, my final results are out! I didn't failed any, so glad :D
But this time I only got one A- and others are like b b b b b . All in all, my gpa was 3.18 and cgpa for foundation was like, 3.13 ? anyway, I was glad actually, nothing so bad about it. Hehehe , I said I'm going to get myself a smartphone if I got 3.0 above, but I bought my smartphone before the results come out! Hahahaha. awesome, Thank God :))) I want to get better for my very first semester in degree ! Cause I don't want to die chasing my grades after that. Yay :)))  

thank you =)


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