i am slacking

Hey, I'm back for good.

I did not run for like, one week more ? Thanks to the haze contributed by my neighbouring country; Indonesia.

So, I search on the net on how to prepare for a long distance run. I definitely say "no" to lose so I must win because I want !! Who doesn't when you can win ?

How to prepare for a long distance run? According to the internet, there are several ways. I found that some are not really practical but some yes.

First, running in a constant pace. Don't dash like a mad in the beginning because you will get tired and you'll lose eventually.

Second, save energy till the end. When you see the finishing line, that is when you should use all your energy and run towards it! So, you must save your energy for the last straw!

Thirdly, warm up before you run. You might get cramps if you don't warm up. Once you get cramp, you ARE GOING TO LOSE. hahaha.

Forthly, don't eat too much before you run. Maybe you can just take Munchy biscuits and a cup of plain water. Then go for the run!

Fifth, train yourself. You must train yourself to run without stopping occasionally before the run. No procrastinating like me! :((

I think that is all I have that I think it makes sense to me. So, wish me luck dudes and girls ! It's 21 days from now!


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