so sudden!

Suddenly have the urge to update my blog. Recently I was pretty busy with my school stuff and I have no time for blogging. Right now, I'm still busy drawing 14 types of cells for my report. I must finish it by today !

Yesterday I slept pretty late because I were listening and talking about stories and many things with Mr H. It has been  a long time we did not talk for so long! From Monday to Friday the chances of us getting meet up in school is like 0.02%. We study different courses and of course meeting different people! Actually I think this is better because haha you get to miss the person. LOL

Anyway, I did not fall down for the third time! My toes are healing themselves. Thanks to the lymphocytes in my blood. So, time passes and time are passing now! every second! I did not jog for a week already :( So sad. I need to get my stamina back because I want to get that damn medal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And and one more thing, I really hate that printer guy la. He cheated on my money and did not repair my printer properly. Feel like throwing a pile of COW CHICKEN PIG DUNG at his FACE. To MY FRIENDS please don't go to his shop (G com) anymore because he is a irresponsible person and I really hope God will help me make him bankrupt faster so that more students won't be cheated by him. FASTER BANKRUPT!!!!! shit, making me can't print my notes properly! I hate you!!!!!!! Ich haseen dich!!! HATE HATE AHTE!


oh ya, I found that my twiiter has less followers~  :)))) heheehe!/meowmeowcrayon

p/s: someone once told me that I'm lucky to have you! :]


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