what i did in school today

1. Reached the lecture right before the lecturer enter the class and have morning face.
2. Jumbled out doing integration. Too fast!
3. Joined biological science club with papaya and banana. I have been longing to join that!
4. Ate RM3.00 brunch
5. PROVED THE INTEGRATION QUESTION ! HAHAHAHA even maths genius cannot solve it, but I DID muahahahha. I'm so coooool~ :P (indirectly saying that I'm maths genius :PPP)
7. Forgot to knock on lecturer's door before entering @.@
8. Bought ribena+ice cream soda drink. RM2.50 wtf, so expensive but taste nice, I'm going to make myself and anyone who wants :)))
9. SAW some exhibition. Learnt something! I need clorox papaya!!
9. Then, class ended 50 minutes earlier! woooohoooo! thank you ~
10. blogging.
pink dyed flowers! I like it~

Siamese twins! I think the bottom fish very "kelian" @.@

saw it on my study table every morning. These bugs are very dangerous. Cause they bite!! but unfortunately, they died in one night. LOL, I don't know why, but I HATE THEM. YUCK YUCK

OKAY, picture below is out of the topic but who cares. HAHAHAHA
actually it's a food. LOL Mr H breakfast ! xDD I don't make breakfast for my family but I made it for....@@ hahaha.


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