feel like writing ..

Saw this photo in my camera. Was taken during last semester break! Emo is trying to disturb HugHug!
How am I recently? I'm always good. Just that I am not really satisfied with my report mark :( I did so much, and yet I did not get what I want. Life is so unfair! I'm not ranting here, more like complaining. it's the same! hahahaha

German mid term was over and I only used (my friend too) 15 to 20 minutes to finish it. Well, it was pretty sad because we used the whole night to revise! Very sad ! Disrupting my sleep, and stress all over the head. Somemore, got under the rain while cycling home. Soaked wet like sponge, keep absorbing water rain @@

Hmmm, I have to go prepare for my maths tutorial class soon! Tchussssss~ I hope everything is fine :)


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