I had a new experience !

Saw the photos ?! They are KIDS ! KIDS ! 6 years old KIDS! My kepo-ness leads me there actually. Actually my job should be taking photos but I ended up sitting there chatting with kids. Chatting about, practically craps. Haha, actually it was not craps, they tell us many things like they have how many siblings? where did they go ? etc. All they need is "attention" :)

mei teng preparing her own breakfast !

Jia xin preparing her breakfast too! 

Don't know what is his name, hahaha. but naughty.

Cannot judge the photo. He is jun hong and he's passive. He don't talk but the way he take photo is so cool ! hahaha!

Eunice :) smart + cute girl

oh yeah, that's me with mei teng! 

naughty kids !

Thanks to him that I am able to get this experience ! alright, the kids were not listening to him xD
That half day experience was quite a special one because I never go into a kindergarten and do these stuffs. Anyway, I love it ! and actually making me feel homesick ! :( I don't know why, but the whole scene was heart warming.

p/s: Being a kindergarten teacher isn't bad huh? As long as you love kids, I think it's a good and easy job!


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