True Friends.

I am not emotionally disturbed or what, just a little little post here, on this Sunday afternoon.

Defined true friends/real friends to me. So I searched on Google since all my assignments are from there, I guess Google can defined the term to me as well.

Real friends can be all sorts of meanings. I found some on Google which stated real friends listen to each other and give good advice, tell you the truth, forgive each other and so on. I'm lazy to write all out here, just type in real friends on Google, then you will see :)

So, I did.

Here's my opinion. Firstly, I think the most important aspect of a characteristic of a true friend is the friend that you don't even have to ask for help, they will eventually help you.

Secondly, real friends are those who will enjoy the way you are, not trying to impress people. You just be yourself and they won't criticize who or the way you are.

Last point that I could think of is, they will give you good and reasonable advices. They don't try to destroy you, and they won't jealous of you but when you did something good or get something good which they don't have, they won't jealous, but they will be happy for you. HAHAHA.


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