from kampar to ipoh

Terrible but fun day because there are so many unlucky stuff I experienced yesterday. In the morning, my friend and I walked out from the house and waited at the bus stop to bring us to IPOH. So, we could see the bus but it was full of PEOPLE. Shit, we could not board the bus and waited for another hour for the next bus. This time round, luckier but not also. Because the bus was crowded too. We had to stand and shake lai shake qu on the bus. Costed me feel dizzy and nausea-ish! bullshit~

I don't care, so we use taxi to Aeon and straight went for our brunch. We were starving like hell. KIM GARY ! My first time too! Customer service was good. Food was okok la. Environment was good too :D I love the deep fried wantan :) Yummmmy!

hehehehhe~ wantan~~~~~~~~~~


chicken chop baked with cheese ? something like that. okok la.
Next, we head on to TGV! movie time~~~ Watched Step Up revolution. So damn nice and touching... I almost cried but did not. hahaha. When Emily was dancing alone, where she is supposed to dance with Sean...but it did not run smoothly.... :(

Caramel popcorn is so nice ! LIKESSS LOVESSSS! love more than Mr H. MUAHAHAHHAA
Another thing that I haven't try before. Chatime ! My friends have been complementing about it so much " I want chatimechatime >.< " So I got to try it. The classic one for free ! Hehehhee :D Thanks to papaya :) pictures !

It was nice indeed :) not so sweet not so not sweet. Just right ~

chatime ~~~ woohoo

Then we went to Ipoh parade after waiting for taxi uncle for one hour. Bought my LOVE TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NIKON 1 J1 OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG

OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG hehhehe. Going to show the photos soon.

And my blog is going to be flooded with good photos ! :) Awesome right ?

Tiring but happy fun day.

In the end, we missed the last bus back to kampar. Was about to plan and overnight at nearby church. LOL, at last took a cab and back to kampar safely :)

Thank God for everything <3 p="p">


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