I am lucky ?

She's my favourite lecturer this semester ! Ms Alicia :) Such a pretty young lady and good lecturer too! 

Many many many have been ranting around my ears saying that this course is hard, stressful and ain't easy to pass. After been around for almost one semester which is about three months, I think the hardness of the subjects are 50% to me. At the very first few weeks, I could feel the stressful-ness of the subject because there were so many things to remember. Alright, I have been surviving through all the ups and down for these 14 weeks!

All in all, I think it was pretty exciting subject. Seriously, I don't feel like giving up or what, I will keep going on and on even though people are saying it's hard it's hard :)

Oh yeah, tomorrow I'm heading to Penang~ quite nervous about it ! I hope I do well ...


Leon Lai said…
WOW!!!!! PENANG!!!! XD

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