I'm outdated.

Suddenly have the urge to write something on August because August is my birthday month.  Big brother I want nikon 1 J1 eventhough I feel so rich now cause ptptn money flow into my account already and I haven't tell my parents about it and I am thinking to use the money and buy the camera and tell them less 2k. LOL. but I am not so daring =.=

Outdated because of :

1. I haven't try Chatime.
2. I haven't try Starbucks.
3. I haven't try Blackball.
4. I haven't try Par Tea Time.
5. I haven't try bubbleans.
6. I haven't try bo eight tea.
7. I haven't try coffee bean.
8. I haven't try GSC/3D.
9. I haven't try ice skating.
10. I haven't go to Ipoh.
11. I haven't go to sunway.
12. I haven't dye my hair.
13. I haven't know how to drive well.
14. I haven't try Baskin robins.
15. I haven't try tuti fruiti.
16. I haven't try paparich.
17. I haven't go fullhouse.
18. I haven't go pavillion
19. I haven't go midvalley.
20. I haven't go 1utama.
21. I haven't go petaling street.
22. I haven't go Times square.
23. I haven't go sungei wang.
24. I haven't go sunway pyramid.
25. I haven't try easy drink easy go.
26. I haven't I haven't I haven't ....so many things that I haven't do.

So 2012 don't end too fast.


Christina Chin said…
heyyy when you come PJ like One Utama, Sunway Pyramid, or KL area must tell me yahhhh :D :D
Jessie said…
hahaha sure ~ but maybe have to wait for quite a long time.. hahahhaha~ xDD
Danny Sia said…
don't worry mah. still got lots of time! good luck in ur studies!
Jessie said…
hahaha ~ thanks ! :D

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