One night in airport.

Away from house. Coming home.

Homed !

Look at the title. It says one night in airport, not one night in Beijing. Haha, that's cold.

I said, I told the world that I haven't been trying to travel alone. Two days ago, I just did. I was having my night in the airport. It was completely a new experience for me. An experience that is ought to be jotted down before it slipped off my memory cells. That's why people writes stuff right? Including me too!

From my hostel, I carried my luggages with me. All by myself. This feeling somehow gives me, a little loneliness. Seriously. Reaching the train station, I felt more and more despair! You know why ? Because I saw people with their friends. It seemed like I am the only one alone. I try to be brave and smile to people. I did. But seriously, I was not feeling that good , a little bit of headache. No one texted me too. Damn :(

Anyway, I needed to go on. Because my family is waiting for me, I knew it by heart. So, I think positively. LOL. But I really could feel the loneliness la, to be true. Maybe I was too emotional perhaps ? Thanks to oxytoxin; the love hormone. Hahahaha.

So I boarded the train and tried to be fast and furious so I got to settle down and start to emo. Well the sky is turning darker and darker whenever I glanced outside, asking me to feel emo. Just kidding. No one called too, but a text from my dearest friend; Sukting. She asked me to take care of myself :) That itself already strengthen my spirit and mind. Thanks ! Mr H did not text me that time, I AM SO SADDDDD................. hahahah.jk. He texted me afterwards.

The moment I reached kl sentral, it was already dark. Around 9 pm something. I was a little bit nervous when I got off the train. Scared that my cute look makes bad guys think that I'm too good to be bullied. If you got me , ahhaha.

I checked in my luggage and headed on to klia. Very fast. LOL. Very fast in the sense that I had to run down the elevator to catch the last 2 minutes before the train departed. I saw two Caucasians run like freak, so I also try to run like them. LOl. Of course, I could board the train because I am a good runner. And I think 2 minutes are long!

In the train, I felt extremely hungry because I had not have my dinner yet. I saw a guy eating MCD in the train and it says that no eating and drinking in the train. wtf. zzzz You made me hungrier and also broke the rules. Screwww you!

So, I finally reached airport and headed to BURGER KING in seconds and ordered WHOPPER (taste not nice at all, I think ramli burger taste better. LOL) Anyway, it was too expernsive to be wasted. So I ate everything while chatting my mum on the phone. Also mr h. hahaha.
A moment after that, I listened to people shouting. I finished my food and could just run to the spot and see why the heck they are shouting. I was too excited too. I thought it was lee minho coming or what !

Hahaaha. I saw a guy, very tall using sunglassess and people were chasing him. I SAW HIM LIKE ONE METER AWAY FROM ME. Almost tripped off, but did not, luckily! I did not who was him until my friend told me on facebook. Quite good looking though. Waaa, what a day ! xD

Next, I bought a mineral water and a muffin at the store. Went upstairs to find a suitable seat for me. Nearby departures for international passengers. It was a good spot though. I saw people crying, hugging, tearing. It was quite a precious because they were leaving, for quite a long time and won't be able to see each other. That time, in my mind, I was thinking that I was lucky because I don't have to leave my family too far. How glad am I. I don't have to bit teary goodbyes to my family which I think is far toooooo heavy and heartache for me. I did, when I was leaving for the first time, but it turns out to be normal thing as the time goes on. Or maybe I would just tear off the boarding pass and burn it if I can't take it. LOL

Next, I feel so sad because I feel a little bit dizzy again. So, I try to read book. I did, for like 10 minutes. Then I flew into MCD for the rest of the time till morning.

In MCD, I saw people having late supper. Not so healthy :S I saw a guy brushing teeth. wtf. I felt like laughing out loud, but I should not because I would get hit and people will think that I am crazy so I did not. I just remained calm and think that I must blog this out!


So funny, actually there are more stuff that I saw just in one night. But the things that I share was the main one actually ! I could feel that I am growing up too! So, I reached home with heavy eyebags and slept for the rest of the day. The next day, I woke up early for work at my dad's and saw my cousinsssssssssssssssss! so happy XD

And now, blogging ! hehehe.
Well, I still don't know when am I going to find my swimming coach :S wtfwtfwtf. Life is so busy and cruel to me :(

Ate so much today. Thanks to aunt that cook so much and nice food for us ! hehee.

Alright, I should end here. By the way, there is NO PICTURES AT ALL because I forget to bring my J1 usb cable back :((( shitnesss.........................

goodnight ya !

Have a good day tomorrow and ahead !


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