almost a week

that's me on my deary bed back home :')

The sun is shining so strong into my windows. At night, heavy rain also pouring into the windows.

It was going to be a week that I reached here. I was constantly feeling moodless. Idk why, but I think it was because of home.

Home that I used to be. Voices, are so familiar, but here, voices, are indeed rare.

It's not homesick.

I rather called it, lifesick. hahaha. idk what is that.

Ok, I admit that I miss the life I used to be back home.

I can't be like this anymore, I will and shall try to overcome the mood-less feeling and start MY FREAKING ASSIGNMENTS. but can't do anything accept searching on the net because they are group assignments ! I meet new friends again this semester. I hope it will be fun working with them :) Actually I love meeting new friends rather than always grouping with the similar friends all time but then it will be easier to communicate la of course. Hmmm, nevermind la, God destined me and banana group with new friends ~

Before that, I hope everything will go smoothly this saturday! :D

p/s: I really bored during sunzi class because papaya and banana are not able to sign up for the class ! Haizzzz sien LOR. nevermind la, still got apple. hahaha ~

p/s: this semester I will be eating alone, walking alone, sitting alone, smiling alone. wahlao ! I felt this before, and not on last semester but again this time. and I hate people questioning me "alone ah?" wtf. what's wrong with alone ?! my friends little ma, your friends banyak like I care -.-


f3rn ♥ said…
relax... i also alone many this sem
but soon... will meet with new friends... hahaha... alone is good lar... u can go wherever u want... dnt emo dy.. pls :)))
MeowMeow Qian said…
lols ! ;DDDDD that's better :)))

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