I have a thought in my head..

Ring! ring! ring!~ (Of course my alarm doesn't sound even bit like this)

It was the alarm. In half conscious state, I grabbed my phone and slide over to let the alarm snooze. I guess this is what a normal university students do. I do too.

Ring, ring, ring, ring....!!!
Another time.

Another time.

Okay it stopped.
Cause the battery was out and my phone, was in the toilet floor.

Haha. heart attack.

Okay, no I did not throw my phone. Because I will be heartbroken and depressed.

So, I stopped the alarm. I checked fb, instagram, and so on. Speaking of instagram, I don't know why it doesn't work on me, I mean right side of my blog. Sigh, sad.... I did what it asks me to do.. but still, doesn't work :(

Back to the topic.

I woke up so reluctantly even though it's only 7.30 am and class started at 9 am. I need to do some revision for the quiz later on, so I really really really really needed to wake up.

So I finally landed under the shower.

People says, you think the most when you are showering. Seriously I strongly agree with that statement.

I have this little thought in my mind and that is why I blog today even though assignments are overloading.

So, this is my thought.

"I wanted, really wanted and needed to get 4.0 this semester"
"I wanted really wanted so bad for band 5 or even band 6 in MUET"
"I wanted so much...."

And so, the guts and spirit came to me..... I tell myself to study real real hard !
And I'm on it !

One more thing, I will leave my hostel half an hour earlier and reached school 15 minutes earlier. I must :)

I cannot do it !


Yinwin said…
Har why studying degree still need to sit for muet?
MeowMeow Qian said…
yinwin: don't know ar.. utar rules ... before graduate must at least pass if not cannot graduate..
benlovesting: THANKS ! :D

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